Greening’s Slow Start Continues

SensChirp November 15, 2013 25
Greening’s Slow Start Continues

When the Ottawa Senators announced they had signed forward Colin Greening to a three extension worth an average of $2.65 million a season, it looked like a quality signing by Bryan Murray.

While the cap hit seemed a little inflated, the number made sense after the solid playoff Greening had put together.  Greening scored three times in ten playoff games, including one of the most memorable goals of last year’s run- a double overtime winner against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Nobody  would ever mistake Greening for an offensive threat but his hard work, hustle and versatility made him worthy of the extension.

But through 18 games this season, Greening has fans questioning that extension a little bit.

With just three assists in 18 games and a -1 rating, Greening has bounced around the line up all year. Scoring line. Checking role. Occasional power play time. Nothing has worked for Greening.  He has registered just 16 shots on goal through the first 18 games, which is the lowest of any forward and just six ahead of Cowen for lowest on the team.  Greening is a guy that thrives on rebounds and garbage goals.  Those opportunities just haven’t been there for him so far this year.

A missed open net off a great feed from Spezza during the Philadelphia game was just another example of nothing going right for Greening so far.

Despite his struggles, Greening has seen his ice time steadily increase over the last couple weeks.  Since the last three games in October, where Greening saw his ice time dip to below 10 minutes a night in three straight games, MacLean has used Greening more and more.  He played a season high 15:47 against the Panthers last Saturday and was up around there again on Tuesday against Philly.

Despite not really taking a regular shift on the power play or the penalty kill (13th in time on ice in both categories), it’s pretty clear MacLean is making a conscious effort to get the big forward going.

In a season where multiple players have had disappointing starts, it’s difficult to single anybody out.  As a team, the Ottawa Senators have not met the expectations placed on them following back to back successful seasons.  It’s no one players fault that the team has struggled the way it has.  The defence hasn’t been good enough.  Craig Anderson has struggled coming off one of the best seasons of his career and the forwards outside of the MacArthur-Turris-Ryan combination have been fairly disappointing. Greening is one of many players on this roster looking to shake off a slow start.

18 games is far too early to judge the value of a contract extension but Colin Greening needs to be better and he knows it.  He has always been a streaky scorer so you have a feeling that once he breaks the goose egg, more goals will follow. The good news is, nobody will ever question Greening’s work ethic.  He’s a guy who gives his all night in/night out and you know he’s working hard to break the early season drought.

We’ll see if he can get on the board for the first time this weekend.

  • boom

    There are two things (IMO) that you can’t teach, that Greening is lacking.

    The 1st is Talent. The only skill he posseses is speed, and he almost never shows any during the game.

    The 2nd (and more important due to lack of talent) is a Mean Streak. Given that Greening has shown that he is nowhere near talented enough to play in the top 6, he would benefit from playing a tougher – hard to play against, style of game. It seems to me that if he focused on being that type of player, he could find a role on this team. Otherwise, not so much.

    • Jason

      I have to agree with both points. Greening is not noticeable at all during a game, it seems like he rarely is involved in the game. He is a big guy but he doesn’t hit people, he finished his checks but he’s a nice guy about it. There’s no intent to try and punish the other teams player he just does a gentle check. He’s not the only one like this though, the Sens are lacking toughness and grit which is obviously why they brought up Boro.

    • Tooks

      I dont know why people think this was a good signing…It wasnt, it was a bad signing. Scoring 3 goals in 10 games is not something (Regin anyone…) special and not worthy of the 2.65Mil a season he got, he’s a 4th liner plug.

      Now we are stuck with that contract as no team in their right mind would take Greening on for that amount.

    • The Apostle

      Said it at the time, I thought it was a bit too much money and a year too long. We want Greening to not be good enough to be in our top 6 because that means our top 6 is better than it currently is.

      Greening always leaves me wanting to have seen more from him.

  • Tooks

    Ok so we are 18 games in, people said they would re-evaluate at the 20 game mark to get a clearer view once the team hit 20 games…

    Well only 2 games off and we are still no better than we were back around game 10, infact we are worse.

    We’ve just come off one our worse games in Sens history, after peeling off 3 on the back of our young phenom goaltender The Lehner(TM) who’s had to stop damn near 50 shots a game…

    I think our big boys are doing ok, all PPG or close (Spezza, Turris, Ryan, Karlsson…) Our bottom 6 has to be worst in the league, not getting anything out of them and our Defense is not doing much better, allowing an NHL high 40 shots a game and consistantly making mistakes in our own end. Apart from Karlsson, who is atleast putting up offensive points to balance out his D mistakes, the rest of our D core is attrocious, like, really bad. Guys like Cowen, Gryba, Phillips have been our worst defenders in a purely defensive role…

    Its been a running joke the last couple years that if you need a boost to your team or someone to break out of a slump, come play the Ottawa Senators…Well its no longer a joke, its reality.

    • boom

      Agreed on all your points. Now, we’ll both get crucified…

    • RUSH RLZ

      Yeah yeah… the sense of hopeless futility is so ‘yesterday’. Today is the dawn of a new beginning, surely the team realizes the urgency as much as we do, so it’s time to kick back and wait to see what the squad brings at 7:30.

      I guess my point is may as well panic or rejoice 12 hours from now instead. As Jean-Claude says in those creepy as f**k GoDaddy commercials, for now it is GO TIME.

  • 383

    Fack all you negative Nancies!!! Have we’ve been great so far?
    Are we out of it?
    Not by a long shot!!!
    Last time I checked, It’s an 82 game season. We’re 2 pts out of a playoff spot for fucks sake!!
    We’re going PERFECT this weekend, see you dicks Monday.

    GO SENS GO!!!

    • SensChirp

      383 coming in hot! I like it.

    • boom

      Make up your mind. Are we negative Nancies or dicks? Seems to me we can’t be both…

      • Aaron 2.0

        Team America: World Police has this to say about dicks.

        We’re dicks! We’re reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks. And the Film Actors Guild are pussies. And Kim Jong Il is an asshole. Pussies don’t like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn’t appropriate – and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves… because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don’t know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don’t let us fuck this asshole, we’re going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!

        • boom

          Leave the cursing to Peluso – he does it with style and imagination.

        • Doc

          Ah Team America (Fuck Yeah!!). Good times.

    • boom

      all kidding aside, I do admire your passion, and I hope you are right (about the Sens going perfect this weekend, not the part about me being a dick)


    According to that breathing, seething head of cabbage they call “Brennan”, Andy is in the starter’s net this morning…

    • Tooks

      Hopefully the boys give him some support, gonna need atleast 2 goals!

  • Jacques

    I think Tooks created 2 friends now(diff Account), he seems to be having fun talking with his imaginary firends. I think it was a bad signing, we had clones in Bingo who could’ve taken his spot and allowed us to have some money for ALFIE(example if you sign all your middling talent for the minimum). Things like this signing make me think Murray is less on the ball than we give him credit for.

  • SensChirp

    Anderson starts. Game Day post in a moment or two

    • RUSH RLZ


    • MethotToMyMadness

      Really? If someone would have bet me, I would have put all my Money on Lehner. Wow, PMac is trying to make a statement that he really believes in Andy. I guess there could be some logic behind it. Andy came off a horrible game, by his standards. If Lehner plays tonight and is equally as horrible, where does that put them? It may be best to let Lehner continue to thrive in his position as backup, and give Andy a shot to redeem himself. If Andy wins and wins big, we have two goals who are both riding high. If Andy loses, it doesn’t change much and Lehner will be even more pumped to prove he can get this team a win on Sunday.

  • SensChirp
  • Sensnation

    Huge Greening fan, and while the salary may be a tad inflated, I think his lower production has had a lot to do with Pmac giving other prospects that extra ice time earlier in the year. Now that the Da Costas and others have not quite been able to keep earning that ice time he is returning back to his more normal role in which he thrives!

    Not so worried about his point totals unless he’s back with Spezza, as long as he’s doing the other things right.

  • Hax

    Not for nothing, but Greening’s extension doesn’t kick until next year. So technically, he only needs to play like a $900k player this season to be worth the money. By next year of course he needs to play like a $3M player to be a bargain.

    • SensChirp

      A good point. But that would mean even more years of less than a shot a game! Either way, Greening needs to get going and I figured me writing about his struggles would be enough to break him out of the funk.

  • Steven Stevens

    Let’s be honest, we have a couple of players who aren’t NHL calibre. I am a Sens fan, I watch every game and cheer all the time. But guys like Greening, and to a lesser but still extent Zack Smith and even Condra, lack even the basic skills it seems at some points. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen either one of the 3 mentioned not be able to receive a pass, or not be ready for a pass, make a pass, or miss the net completely on a shot for that matter. Greening and Smith are turnover machines! Sure they all have something to bring to the table, but if you can’t at least contribute to the systematic play your team has in place, then you need to drop these players (i.e. trade) and get some serviceable players.